DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Is It You?

What more do you want?
What more could you ask?
What else could ever last but the present
In a world ever changing with the moment?

We are alive within the one, the all
We are Adam, We are Eve before the fall
Still seeking a bite of the wisdom forbidden to us
By a god who would see us as sheep
Hiding naked from a god who would see us dreamless in our sleep.

I have been reduced to a maddened fool
Wandering alone the rooftops of the world
Dying for the chance to sigh at Beauty in her grace
Seeking with a faith in hope and a hope in love to find a better place
And here I am defenceless
A faceless clown in a sideshow of carnival debasement
A lion trapped in a cage of undue loyalty
But to who?
To the Ringmaster?
To the Puppet master?
To you?

Is it you who would have me alone within my world?
Is it you who would see me roasted upon flames rather than
Sat by the fireplace curled, unravelling the mysteries in the moment ever changing?

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