(October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)

Is Like You Now You Like Is

pok in po kin ni kop nik po

fo kis sik of fok is kis of sik kof si
p pull luv fo sik koF ls luv p
p pul luv isk sik kis ski vul lup p

euc an pulover on up spoke to for day
ack tac for on luv and blow off toast air
flip a di al roll for seven on luv a dog kung pow
p pul all dogs luv for all gods luv dogs
seed at re yo yu windy day he rose for asda dreds
he ass kid ack west a quest ass kid he

hole whirled al ass so an wood rise up for na thing
anna thing would rise up for a hole al whirled ass
left b for c me cum back for the d e right on y
dey dar fed fun for day wear woo do doh on me thawed
war min up up min raw ren seek stimpy ear it

this girl shes unnamed and challanged to a duel and the fol she forgets him single multicolored fairy seeks peter pan type love mate for fly thru the naviga tie airand lift on the crockatt ship leaving for formelssness and arriving at fort knox another ship destined thru the tuynnel of enternal love leaps as it leaves jog for walk on its claw a pace crawl the most luxuriantly old child pace if of gets now its left and centered on somehow and where tho the time was sawed off for better things like hoo was peter bread and dandy chalk felt ass king was numberone before the flaying of ceaser underwear the incidendiary lightning strike of hearyt felt umbebum ness lasted so login it save venterd a quadruple overprint of itself and came back stronger than love as backup so luv instarted unstalling and sought the open door fo the stall for green tookures and gave it along the short and narrow path on its way thru was and hoeverwhere

green fairis arrived buzen and singing with tinkerbell merryment a la mainframe event, some saw them others felt as if something was notamiss and invented new ways of not not noticing that they were and was in the only lpace imaginabull that faeries and well what was described where later jst by others and me knot a loop or three for as hoo cupped and tail and saw mmmmmmmmmm yummy bum

there never was a meal i liked or didnt like was there saw and cut mealt from the fabric and stuff ups the luv

coff e is the stuff that dreams are made of coffee is the stuff the demons are made out of, dream demons, great beg and get whatevershape you want jesus demon snow men made from withe lie dream magic and snow flakes off at the edges whenever bums come near, gotta bum luv u yes know it, yesnowit snow luv, luv snow the spar cull e lucky spark that e uses to turn whats inside empty and storytime the emptyness as a black sheet of paper in the stack somewhere are round and level 34 it temporarily for say an eternal waking nap

s ay s say s yas s as sass and as say
s top the bum rush a ruse re-lie layit

el tie el ton jon sta pit
not lej on no jel ton
p pul gel ton jluv off
giv a jluv handle on assassin
p pul assassin luv with assassin
p pul alf rev in taste e bums
whatever you do is fi in
fi is er no fees on ly
e at a lie in lion only white lies
left o ver on pure pose for in objects
objection overruled suicide thrown out of the courts
can you dig it aholea an bury your nod in it
yahway were cumin now says feces
p pul fe, sieze, detain for questioning and then let go on and go on and do boy bum where was we o yeah dat site left me standing for the right reasons after going in the dark side of the moon we twisted and converted all parishiners to home o sexual and home became sexual due to three or four guys lounging about with sensual in theris ten shins dissipating the silence ofariys appear and be full of pix e luv for d luv fording to bum lubabul vul chair pul the lids off our glass and let the sna asn and if go passgo yah but tho let go of do flo on the mo fo mutha fa ka when yo tok sin fo an u do i say it so and it so

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