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Is Love

Love is like the bloom of a flower
Opening up after a spring shower
Showing the world of its beauty known
And also knowing it's sad to be alone.

Love is like the sky above
Where the stars are hung and flies the dove
The masterpiece created by GOD for us
To show to us all in this world there is love.

Love is like the ocean deep and blue
Always present and always true
As deep as the oceans or the seas might be
There is the wanting for all to believe.

Love is like the wind that has blown
We feel it upon us, but it's never shown
We hear it we sense it we know it's there
It is love, so with another we try to share.

Love is like a flower's bloom
Opening never to late or ever to soon
But opening up in the midst of love and spring
And hoping one day that it will bring forth a ring.

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