LB (31 may 1991 / empangeni, south africa)

Is Love Blind?

If it is true
that love is blind.
Why then can i see
more than i had
hoped to find.

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Very sweetly written!
Londi, you are quite young and, i can guess, experienced already in this subject. Really, I have heard people ascribe a vaudeville of meaning and quality to this very abstract but imminent concept called love and your poem reminds me of love`s most attached adjective `blind'. I have not had much experience myself, but i guess if it has to be blind then it has been bereft of sight, beauty and so many pretty things that makes it. I love you stand point.Can you communicate with me in poems?
this is intriguing.. you do see more... sometimes something you didn't expect and are grateful for... and sometimes something which you'd rather not have seen....
And its true for things other than love also.....Why love is blind is because of consequences...Great insights only after the effects! ! Anyways, this is one of your great short ones. Cheers. Subroto
Wow...short, but powerful and poignant! Thanks, roshni.
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