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Is Love For Me
KW (December 5th,1981 / Pasadena)

Is Love For Me

Poem By Kovan White

You know they say that opposites attack
That can't be true because in my life man, it's just not a fact

I feel I'm a good person, it can't be me
Every time I think I've found love I get kicked down by Bruce Lee

It's crazy playing tug-of-war mental
Mind telling you to leave, heart saying just stay
I'm strong so I got to find another place to lay

Forget it, I'm give up on love, its going straight to the trash
I figured it out, well in my case man it just doesn't last
As I look back, I see that it went by real fast
Its given... sooner or later life's going to put you on blast

You see some form of love everywhere you go
Why then did I have to get hit by cupid's toxic bow?

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