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Is Love...?
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Is Love...?

Poem By kaylin klein

Is love like a strawberry a luscious flavor that you never want to leave?
Or is it like the forbidden fruit that can only be seen.
Is it when you find someone to talk to?
Or someone to run to.
Is it when you realize they're all you need?
Or all they need is you.
Is it the clenching you feel in your chest whenever they walk by?
Or how they can never escape your mind.
Is it how a smile from them lights your entire world?
Or how you realize that they are your world.
Is it when you touch you feel a tingle?
Or that you feel you may explode.
Is it when you feel light-hearted when they say your name?
Or how that simple act can give you wings.
Is it the fact that every time you see them tears fall from your eyes.
Or is it that you realize...
He will never be mine.

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