Is My Love A Fantasy

I don't want him to be just anybody

I want him to be somebody that cares

I want to be sure that he loves me

I want to be his queen.

I know this is probably a fantasy

for someone who has never been in love

I want our life to be special

so special that people will think its rare

I know that I am lonley

and sometimes I feel that its unfair

that its soo difficult to find someone

or even have someone that really cares

Heck sometimes I feel my whole life is wrong

that I didn't do anything right

now I take it day by day

and do what feels right in my heart

I look at life this way

its a journey of obstacles

you don't know what will be coming next

it may be something simple, it may be something hard

I feel i'm ready to take great strides

and climb to great heights

all I need is to find that guy

who wants to share in my expectations.

by Mowie DeCorp

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