DB (20.02.1988 / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)

Is Sorry Enough?

The things I want to say to
You, cannot be expressed in a more beautiful and suitable way
than this. And the things I’d like to do, cannot be explained
in just one breath of air. They require chosen words, full of
Honesty and emotion. You. You deserve that.
My actions are unworthy of your understanding, but please,
believe that I am full of deep regret.
I am left so mellowed, so weakened and yet
still impassioned. Determination courses through me,
like the wildest horses running free, and drives
me, harder, to my goal.
The game is not done.
The battle is not won.
I wish I could un-say the things I said,
I wish I could un-murder those feelings so dead.
But alas, you have left. I cannot repair my mistakes. Not
this time. And I miss you. I feel as though part of
me has been ripped out. At which I laugh. Because how can
You be so close, with someone so cold and distant?
I know I’m calm and cool, and appear ready and rough,
I wish you’d look beyond that, because you’d learn, if you tried,
that I’m really not that tough. I like you. And I care for you.
I just hope that sorry is enough.

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