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Is That A Love...
HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Is That A Love...

love is amenity, did you live it?
love is shock, did you suffered it..?
love is pain, did you feel it..?
love is tears, did you weeped it..?
love is promises, did you sweared for it?
love, , love, , love...
where are you from all that...?
love is amenity, and you make is indignation
love is a promise, you betrayed it..
love is covenant, you rend it..
love is engagement, you untying it..
yes love is stab, but you whom thrusted it..
love is respect and you denyed it...
love is a dreams, you destroyed it..
love is two souls, you separated them
and love, love love..
love is live and you killed it..
is that your love.....? ? ? ?

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Comments (2)

I really liked that...Its deep.
when the foundation of love is broken nothing is left more than an empty thught and a PAIN. It's clearly mentioned in this poem