Is That Outlook More Positive For You?

'I had no clue this was going on.'

It has.
But you have not expressed an interest.

'What can I do to become more involved? '

In what?
The chaos?
The divisions that present themselves,
All over the place?
The teaching of the disrespectful children?
And their parents who have enabled their behavior?
Or do you want to make speeches...
To those pretending to listen,
But have learned the tecnique od falling to sleep...

'I see you still have a negative outlook on things? '

Isn't that odd?
You said that to me years ago.
And here on this very day,
You have expressed a desire to get involved.
Let's call what you see...
An observation of a lacking of community outreach.
With a unity guaranteed to destroy a thinking mind.
Is that outlook more positive for you?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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