Is That You? (Shiver)

Poem By WKE Kamel

I remember you
From somewhere
I remember you
Is that you?
Could it be?
Impossible to see

Is it when I was calm?
Walking slowly
So lonely
That you came
Out of the dark?
And in the dark again
You disappeared
Have I seen you here before?

I take off my glasses
To clean them
I gaze
Blur… a figure
With a solitude
A lonely violin
And glittering water
Aiming at me
Do I know you from somewhere?
Is that you?

It's so long
The night of waiting
So salty they are
The tears of pain

The beat of a heart
Blinds with the bitterness
Of a falling sun
In a cracking dawn

In the dark I sit
Alone, fighting the fears
The hopes
Shall this be my last night alone?
Shall you come and enlighten the way?

A breath
The shiver of joy
Colored with anticipation
Black is the night
Hard to walk through
Hard to breathe through

An apple
Thousands of colors
Yet transparent
Millions of sweet drops
Yet tasteless

Through my body
And shivering it is
From bitterness
Joy and bitterness
I am
Of sun
Of hope
In my eye
My eyelids burn
In the light
In the dark
They have bled
So much
The shiver of joy
With the color of passion
And fear

A smile
All it takes
A smile, a breath
A piece of music
A fraction of a second
And I'm weak

Comments about Is That You? (Shiver)

it's pretty good... i like this mixture that you obviously make bet, joy and pain, laughters and tears i think that you are really talented and i was so touched because your words are so imaginative.. lots of respect, mousheera

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