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Is The Fault In Us Or In The Stars? [ 1 ]

Are you very happy with your life right now?
Or wish you could be happier if you were
born under a different sign of the zodiac!

You wish you could be world famous if you have been
born a Scorpio like – Bill Gates of Microsoft
Or wish you could be world renowned if you were
Born a Capricorn like – Chairman Mao or Mohammad Ali
You also wish, you could have been a world-class celebrity
If you were born a Leo like – Fidel Castro of Cuba

Is the fault in us or in the stars?
Truly, your date of birth determines your sign of the zodiac
Do the zodiac signs influence our destiny on earth?
Do the stars above control our happiness on this planet?
Is success on earth dependent on our date of birth?

Now you ask, is the fault in us or in the stars?
Who are you going to thank for your happiness on this earth?
Who are you going to blame for your failures on this planet?

Is it the configuration of the stars on the day you were born?
Such as, Jupiter in Libra, Venus in Leo or Neptune in Aries?
Are you going to thank or blame your birth date, the society,
your parents, yourself, or your partner – if you are married?

Some ask – Is greatness conferred by the stars or place of birth?
In the case of Prince Charles of UK, it is the place of birth
It makes no difference whether he was born a Scorpio, Libra, Aries,
Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Leo. He was born to be a king

Is the fault in us or in the stars?
From the dawn of civilization, many have pondered -
What do the stars above have to do with human life on earth?
Why are people different because of their signs of the zodiac?
Metaphysical research revealed that every sign of the zodiac
Has produced many successful and famous people

To be concluded in Part [2]

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Pablo Neruda

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Haha. I have read around five of your poems, and coincidently, all five that I chose had to do with stars! You must like the topic a lot to actually write a few poems on it. Foremost, I would like to thank you. You made me feel really blessed when you actually wrote that you had read all my eight poems at a go! It's a nice tickling feeling that melts into a smile on my face, and thus I hope my comment will pay it back with equal happiness! It's a nice poem. You question about human's mysterious relations with the stars, how it affects us, and even perhaps whether how we are, with our faults, may be due to the unknowing contribution of the stars. It is a mysteriously interesting topic that has muddled the human minds of those who ponder. Although there is not yet a distinct trait in which shows us how it affects us directly, it is inexplicable how we knew and always accepted it. Towards this topic, I find that no matter which sign anyone is actually born under, they each have their beautiful and ugly side, pain and happy. Thus, towards the question that you post in the beginning, ' Are you very happy with your life right now? Or wish you could be happier if you were born under a different sign of the zodiac! ' My answer would be, 'Fate, lead me on.' Sometimes, the world is nicer if things are simple.