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Is The Fault In Us Or In The Stars? [ 2 ]

Here are some of the famous people produced by each zodiac sign
The sign of Aries produced Colin Powell and Elton John
Taurus has Tony Blair and Billy Joe
Gemini has John Kennedy and Paul McCartney

Cancer has President George W. Bush
Leo has Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Virgo has Sophia Loren and Sean Connery
Libra has Vladimir Putin, Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Thatcher

Scorpio has Indira Gandhi and Ted Turner
Sagittarius has John Kerry and Winston Churchill
Capricorn has Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley
Aquarius has Abram Lincoln, Ron Reagan and Oprah Winfrey
Pisces has George Washington and Mikhail Gorbachev

Who will all these people cited above thank for
their successes, achievements and accomplishments?
Is the fault still in us or in the stars?

Who are you going to blame for your failures?
Are you going to blame the sun and the moon?
Are you going to blame all the stars in the sky?
Are you going to blame your sign of the zodiac?

Are you going to blame your parents?
Are you going to blame your partner – if you are married?
Look at yourself again in the mirror and ask –
Is the fault in us or in the stars?

Metaphysicians believe that the stars truly influence
Human destiny on earth, but do not dictate or compel
Do not allow your zodiac sign or the stars above to
Determine the limitation of your achievements on this earth
Always aim for the gold and live your dreams
Good luck to you and happy destiny

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Julius? Fabulous marketing! HEY FOLKS...Julius did me up a chart and it was great! Try him...you will like it! OH, nice poem...lol