Lifes Mirror Cracked...

The mirror reflects someone I dont even know
A man lost in the dark, shrouded in shadow
The reflection gets darker and is starting to dim
I cant see my soul anymore.. hidden within

The light fades further and it gets darker still
Just as I loose all inner hope and will
The shadows get deeper loosing all it defines
And yet just outside the sun always shines

The mirror gets cloudy and fills with a haze
And yet fixated the dark reflection stays
The mirror has lost its holding onto the wall
Down to the hard ground of rock it inevidably will fall

Shattering into silver shards with silent screams
In slow motion it falls like the darkest of dreams
The floor is all covered in blood and broken glass
The pools of crimson grows as the time does pass

The reflection is gone at the ultimate cost
Never again to shine.. the meaning is lost
The shadows grow around without any gain
And yet all the hidden meanings remain

I look around in the dark for the exit door
But find that there isnt a way out any more
Only a corner that I uncomfortably squat
I am now everything I thought I was not....


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