Is The Message Clear

What is it these days that we're trying to prove
always fighting the forces of life's golden rule
there is nothing on earth more important than we
not substance nor position nor things that we need
don't just believe everything that you hear
weigh it first so the message is clear
don't fail to oversee the choices you make
nor avoid good sense in the rules we forsake
for they are all included in the risk that we take
a record is kept to bare witness above
to the facts in your life when challenged by love
the things that we do will determine our fate
a finishing course in this life's mandate
can the trust in others help you to succeed
when the works not been done and you've wasted your seed
there is folly when young looking for maturity to rate
if not caught in time it will soon be too late
yes when young we want something better in life
though we find it by working not keeping up strife

by Betty Jean Booth

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