We Talked

We talked

Perfumed, well-dressed
-she talked good, excellent.

Handed me a leaflet
-inviting to the church.

I could not reject that
-so, took it, accepted;
-later on, read contents.

It invites to hotel
-for food and beverage
-and preacher's lecture
-on "Why did Jesus die? "

The hosts are Christians
-Witness of Jehovah's…

The lady was Black,
-ex-slave of a kind;
-forcefully taken off
-the lands of Africa.

She, mother, ancestors
-were forced to forget their-
-culture and tongue and faith
-and live in new ways…

She, victim, and hunted
-has become hunting-dog
-for hunters in the wild.

She carries bow, arrows
-sets traps and shackles.

Another of her kind
-left a postcard behind
- (its title is "Ransom.")

Great work of the art
-in colors and design.

Action same, not the place!
The same faith is branched!

I wonder and smile
-hold myself not to laugh.

It is like Iran and
-Pakistan and Afghans
-to Egypt, Lebanon…

Start was invasion:
- "Destroy, conquer.
-The not-us is not man;
-they are beasts, savages."

Women were good for sex
-raped and left in the shame
-except those who were used
-as tools and vehicles…

Look deep for the proof
-at women's children;
-and raising child of rape?

Can't find a difference
-between them and ISIS!

But the damn Media
-play fake advertise
-sent by the Pentagon
-stroke in White House
-waterboarding us or
- (The Victim in drum,
- permanent are drops!)

Brainwash, brainwash!
Brainwash, brainwash!

Past looters of parents
-are eating our brains
-in varied names of faiths
-Jews, Muslims, Christians!

by Nassy Fesharaki

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