Is There A Better Love To Give

Is there a better love to give,
Than that which is left...
To miss,
And be remembered?
To know that it is love.
And love is what it truly is!

Is there a better relationship to have,
Than one that is committed.
Giving, sharing, devoted.
Loyal and always trusted?
With no fears or tears of being 'busted'
Because of a lack of trust.

Is there a better life to have,
Than knowing what one has
Is not up for grabs.
But is clear and specific.
There and kept reminisced.
To make one happy and glad it exists.

If there is anyone who can say,
Sometimes we have to go our separate ways.
To strengthen a shared space,
That is graced with respect.
To come back to make love had even better!
Although it was great when it was temporarily left?
What other kind of love can be on anyone's mind?
Knowing what is there is seen.
And does not leave one blind.

That kind of love is hard to find,
Or at any other time.
Especially if it is known.
And one can pick up a telephone,
To call and say exactly that.
No matter where that special someone,
May be 'temporarily' at!
With all lines of communication open.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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nothing is greater than true love