(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Is There A God?

I know that many folks do not believe
That there is a God who created us
It is a subject that is often spoken
So much there is to discuss.

There are so many doubts it seems
For those who do not agree
But it seems so real and crystal clear
It is simply no mystery to me.

The beauty in the world did not
Develop on its own, for sure
I take a walk and look at spring
At new blooms so fresh and pure.

New babies replace the old folks
Just as flowers will drop their seeds
The rain comes down upon them
And gives them all what they need.

I know one thing, I'll share with you
As I live and breathe on His sod
He created it all for you and me
For me, oh yes, there is a God!

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Comments (4)

For me too Marilyn, I know for sure that there is The true living God. I love your picture; beautiful.
Very well written and for Christians, this is our belief. All that we see in creation is a gift from God. God does not have to be seen is order to be believed. Beautiful poem Marilyn.
There is evolution and time. No god that has ever shown itself. beauty exists tho
Beautifully conceived equally beautiful poem expressing full faith in the existence of God and His benevolence. Thanks for sharing.10 points.