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Is There A Moon
Gillena Cox (1950 / )

Is There A Moon

Is there a moon out tonight?
That lovers may sway at its sight
And tomorrow the tides ebb and flow
In ethereal communion.

Guardian, sentinel, ever watchful, silent
Waxing, waning, full-phased, crescent
To play and prattle the minds of men
Oh so fragile.

Probing moonbeams, seeking out virgins
From them to draw first blood, and gin
The cycle unique and specific
On toward procreation.

Distant, light years away, yet
Reachable in a finely plotted course set
By conquerors of borders outside
Limits defined.

Sky: thick and heavy, with
the weightless blackness of night
Is there a moon out tonight?


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Comments (9)

This has such exquisite lines. There is nothing quite so magical as Gillena writing about Luna, is there?
Moon brings slow light in the night, it is tranquil and soothing and romantic........you have written very beautifully this poem......
Usually classic poets portray the moon as a lady who is pale in the dark or refer to it as Diana the Roman Counterpart of the Greek Moon Goddess, Artemis. Wonderful creative imagery. Thanks.
The loveliest faces are to be seen by moonlight when one sees half with eyes and half with fancies. Moon is indeed a sculpture with beaming diverserly to lit the darkened land. Regards Naseer
you have a lovely imagery and creative write...10
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