Is There A Right Time

Is there a 'right' time,
For you to know my love?
Midnight reaches only please you,
When there is a need
I am expected to feed!

But my love isn't there,
Just to fake the making.
Or waiting in a place,
For you to embrace and take it!

Inside I am dieing,
Feeling someone else
May have you elsewhere sighing!
And I will not guess...
As I choose to lay my suspicions to rest!

Give me reason to leave.
Give me something that says...
Your love for me is dead!
Instead of cold shoulders,
And a heart that doesn't touch!

Is there a 'right' time?
Turn on the light,
And express how you feel.
I don't want to have to shut down.
But I am prepared to show my back...
Before I turn you off!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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