Is There A Shore Beyond?

Never ending faction of water with an amazing timing
Now you can attempt to count your success and failure
A submissive beginning leading to a seven fold victory
From the other end of the horizon to this very shore where you are
in a spill over of randomness you sail like the rolling waters
touching lives of living beings big and small around
Now you can see the quantum of moving water to check your sight
A massive assault to your thinking that, you have great vision
Kept on trying, forgetting the ever shifting waves of the world
A mysterious spell of realisation that you are cleansed every then and now
Like the waves that keep the shore alive....
Adamant episodes of superior power; joyful spells of jokes and humour
Ernest searches for beauty and love; giddy setbacks in amassing wealth
Ardent beliefs in spirit and loyalty; fall some fear of failures and triumph
Trivial troubles of life you hate devoid of rationale; essential evils you bore
Where did you start your journey knowingly, with a purpose?
Off late! Or long back with some insight about yourself?
Knowing these little invaluable things of exquisiteness
You may think, In search of truth is there a shore beyond?

by Dr.Angelo Mathew Panathapuram

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