Is There A Solution?

Poem By Theresa Ann Moore

Existing within the same minutes of an hour
Peace has virtues that hatred is ready to devour.
Hovering within sight is a foreboding cloud…
With dissension, there is blast inside a crowd.

A rumble deafens, as the many lives are revoked.
The innocent breathe in the hostility and are choked.
Young and old, lie motionless in crimson puddles.
Survivors cry at the sight that horrifyingly befuddles.

Broken, shrouded bodies are taken from the scene.
There is an attempt to rinse the human traces clean.
The magnitude of destruction has sickened humanity.
Helpless, defenseless souls have been abruptly set free.

If we turn from the gore and look the other way,
Will it all disappear and suddenly go away?
How can devastating discord be dissolved?
How can extreme differences be resolved?

Comments about Is There A Solution?

A very difficult question to answer. You have very expertly presented the questions. The solution - not one but many - hope and time to begin with.
WOW you make my new poem 'Blind' look like a kindergarden wrote it WOW JoAnn
Love, with love from David, loved the poem. Love, with love from David

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