(28th August 1950 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Is There An Alternative For Love In Life?

Mere words are not enough, but action is needed to show love;
When no one is there to give comfort by love, Where to go is
What one's heart longs in life and suffers great pain ever...!

Art, painting and poetry may give some relief making one forget
All worries, pain and self for sometime only like liquor does;
But what can one do, if love can't be perceived but conceived?

Intellectual and spiritual pursuits may make one explore love;
Spiritual conception of love may make one relieved by a spell;
But unless physical perception of love is experienced, it's nil!

Love is a matter of heart needing emotional satisfaction for one
To get the cheerful mood to live life in peace and bliss ever..;
Failing which, life is hell to suffer till the end of one's time!

Love of mother, relatives, friends and all is a great boon for all
And that only gives comfort, solace, inspiration and confidence sure;
Otherwise, beauty of Nature and its spell only can give company ever!

Beautiful flowers, green meadows, snow mountains, deep blue sea and
Sky with cotton floating clouds, setting Sun, winking Stars in nights
And golden Moon kindle poems many to make one manage oneself sans love!

Aesthetic pleasure in the beauties of Nature intoxicates one to forget
The loss of love in life as the mystic forgets all in communion with
Nature for long far from the madding crowd of the world in bliss divine!

by Ramesh T A

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