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Is There Any Life In Me
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Is There Any Life In Me

Through the rivers, rills and runlets I wandered
Where were you all these days I wondered
I am not the lass you saw last winter
Crashed and confused amidst the sea like a lonely traveler.

It was on winter we met last
Lots of time lots of emotions we past
Where were you all these days I wondered
I lost the grip, my farm collapsed.

Still I love you my dear
You are my soul, I swear
Last Christmas I lost my way
Somewhere in the dirty tricks for money.

Caparisoned with the cadence of beauty
Imbued with plumes of serenity
Feels morbid without you honey
Can you see the exuding tear from the cranny.

Day after day it’s getting withered
Who cares for his agony
He who finds himself in the chaos of fenland
Lost amidst in the evil tricks for money.

Am I lost in the class room some where
As if plunged in to quandary of mire
With the soul fluttering for freedom
But the shelves of relation capturing the torso…

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