Is There Anybody Out There? (Part 2)

I stand in line
Waiting patiently
On my own.
I mutter under my breath,
Praying someone feels the same.
I hold a ticket
With a number on it.
They say I can go
When my number
Comes on the screen.
The trouble is,
I don’t know where
The screen is,
I’m not sure where
To look to find it.
Nobody else wants
To talk to me,
Banging their heads
Against their own walls.
So what happens when
My number comes and
I don’t arrive?
Will they go on without me?
Will they try and find me?

This makes no sense,
Nobody gave me the rulebook
On how to play this game.
Does anyone understand?
Am I alone? Thinking quietly,
Standing on my own
In the line,
Muttering under my breath,
Praying someone feels the same.

© Charlie F. Kane


by Charlie F. Kane

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Ticket... Ticket to life... I love the poem... I know your getting tired of hearing my compliments but ur truly agreat poet... Love it Missy