Is There Anyone Left

He has clearly shown his point of view of this process.
He believes it is ridiculous!

And if he doesn't...
He is exposing a decision making aspect of his personality,
To not only be flawed...
But crazed.
And he represents their standards and values?
And he is praised as a leader?

Is there anyone left admitting they have consciousness?
Who is it that still wonders,
If it really makes a difference who leads?

And out of what...
Are those who follow behind being led away from?
And to 'where' will they find themselves awakened,
To welcome an overcoming of such magnificent ignorance!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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The spelling out of a much needed writing on the wall by a modern MeneTekel man - for a damn good old place never to be allowed to be turning into a place of the damned.