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*is There Something You Want To Say*
IJ ( / sf)

*is There Something You Want To Say*

This distance we are aware of
Something isn't right and I know it
{ Copyright © 2009 by Ice}

Keeping quiet is all we do
and I do love you
Do you love me or no?
Is there something you want to say
My heart is about to break anyway

Your scattered eyes, your long hair just
blowing in the wind. You withering away before me
My love for you is dying for your air.

I love you and your hurting me as we stand
Tell me now
My heart is plowed anyway
Cut into with the knife you carry
{ Copyright © 2009 by Ice}
Why are you wordless,
say something, anything
My heart is broken as we speak.

I'm not going to cry
I'm not going to stay with you
I just want to know.
After all of this, I will go on without
{ Copyright © 2009 by Ice}

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Lots of crying outs from the heart