RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Is There.....

Like the gentle tap of water when it rains so slowly,
Its there in the back ground reminding you its there.
My longing is the same in this world they've placed me in.....
To want something so much and know its there but distant from my reach.

Its there to provide the want,
The desire within me to crave.
To place that hurt inside when that went cannot be gained.

As though it knows its power,
Its unrelenting way.
To show me its there to be sought,
But never will it be mind per say.

Its there only to let me linger,
And never know my true course.
Stopping for the desire is strong and I must sieze that voice.

He is like a shadow of my self unmade.
Where we touched each other but lost our way.
Now I'm left wanting and wondering for him.

For its there in my mind this yearning for him.

I dream when I do not wish to.
He is there when I can't explain.
I think of him to often to count,
Why must this be the road I take.

Its there,
Its empty,
Its hollow, its raw.
Its waiting for him to make his call.

To give what was and what could be our chance,
Its there for him to take,
Please lord allow us this chance.

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