AS (22nd February 1957 / Orange, New South Wales, Australia)

Is This For Just Us Alone

There is a dream
Maybe it is unreachable
But still it is a thought
And maybe there is hope

We try everyday to gain independence
To create a safe haven from fear
We gain strength from friends
But how far can we go?

It is so hard once encased in pain
And fear to break free
And once free to remain that way
For every step there after is tainted.

It is as though you are followed
Forever being judged, and if found wanting
Drawn back into the egg
It feels like you are always being tested.

Maybe its because we are drawn
With ease to the realm of pain
And that happiness is unnatural
And feels to be too much trouble.

Can anyone help us stay
Outside our bubble of sorrow
Is this for us alone
We hope its not......

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