SB (December 7th 1968 / Detroit Michigan)

Is This Good-Bye?

Been sitting here thinking of why I have not heard from you
Wondering how and where you are
Trying to deny that we are through
I take the time to assess
The creeping that turned to a mess
I failed your test
I am sure

I began to feel for you
Feelings that were new to myself
Wanting to be near you only and wanted no one else
I began to see you shy away
Thinking that I wanted you forever
To stay

You were there when I needed someone there
To help open my eyes, soften my heart
Mentally, make me more aware
Of the gifts that I have to give
To know how to be happy and live
Although I knew that it was only for awhile
I was so mesmerized by your smile

Now, I am at the crossroad
The one that I am sure you have crossed
Do I turn and walk away, stand my ground or accept my loss
I am uncertain what the end will be
But in your heart and on your mind
I hope that you will always remember me

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