Is This Is Who I Am

Poem By jovan lopez

When I was a little kid
I always like to dance and play around

Like jumping on beds
Just like trampoline

I don't remember much

My mom said that I got sick when I was a little kid
That I had a convulsion
And couldn't breathe
And almost died from that
But I didn't thank to God

I always was quiet
When I was at school

How was wrestling
I made it to District twice
And regionals once
It was fun
And I almost made it to state

I play track
I was a hurdler
And I made it to state

But now like a video games
And watch movies all day
When I'm bored

I don't know what's my future going to be

Lonely sad depressing

Or am I ever going to find would make me happy

But I am a nice guy and sweet to

I always like to joke around if people

That's who I am

I like to put smiles on people's faces

I don't talk about myself a lot

Cuz I don't know what people might think

Comments about Is This Is Who I Am

A wonderfully written short memoirs, Jovan. No one knows what the future holds, but keep writing and strive to be happy and do your best

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