Is This Love?

I cannot close my eyes through fear of her name,
Upon thinking it shall emerge and there it will remain
Stapled to the forefront of my mind by iron bolts,
I fear I will never be rid of her, for better or worse,
The things she unlocks in my mind are intolerable,
Doors that should never have been opened lie unhinged,
Feelings and emotions run wild around my skull,
Stomach grows heavy when she is not here,
A lead ball pressing down, crushing my hunger,
Her name on my tongue like a word of sacred fire
Singeing my mouth in its bid to spread the word.

When she is near I feel myself lifted
Up to the stars burning brightly around me
Spinning and dancing in front of my eyes.
How can she do these impossible things?
She possesses no magic, no charms, no trickery,
Yet through being herself she plays me like a puppet.
There is nowhere to hide, she contains the key to my mind.

by Stuart Doggett

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