In The Homestrecth

remembering how far I have come
and wondering just how far I to have to go
And knowing where I don't want to go
Yet fully aware of where I must go.

The mind, a terrifying place, if taken in consideration being
inside a body that is in the homestretch of time
and yet cannot go back to the beginning
so is the difference in the ending.

The trouble is, you feel it is your obligation to fix all the wrongs
and then make them right; yet not consider your baby sister
Is left behind too, and sits at the head of the dinner table.
Even though, It is only you who remembers to say grace!

The old mind plays hide and seek with memory:then ideas and pictures
cannot be sought, because almost entirely all your attention is focus
on aching feet,yet cannot quiet the pain of the bunions tightly fixed
with no place to go.

Yet, I am positioning between life, and death, an old Fart
emitting sounds like B B King singing some old weary blues.
No, not the beginning. Then could it be the end...The END?
"Oh HECK! " that is dead right!

Almedia Knight -Oliver

December 8,2018

by Almedia Knight Oliver

Comments (2)

To finally cry can be a blessing and relief. Equally it can be the thing which washes away all vestiges of hope, and in that case it is something we need to prepare for. I feel this poem to be the words of someone who knows that and is fearful of it. Excellent Richard. Judy
When we find ourselves in the midst of an emotional whirlpool, it is not easy to portray its semblance. Thanks for sharing an insightful poem.