Is Unity A Myth?

Is unity a myth?
More a word that is heard.
Yet less observed to see exist.
Where is it in communities?
In which people insist,
There is a need for it.
And they are often the same ones,
Reluctant to admit...
What they've done to others,
With a doing to inflict...
Upon them character assassinations!

Is unity a myth?
When good deeds and dignities,
Are diminished to undermine...
Efforts to endeavor,
Demented and slimed...
Viciously attacking those found,
Easily to smear with gossip.
On ears to hear dropped nonstop?

Leaving today those who say,
Unity and understanding...
Between those fighting,
Amongst themselves must end.
Shouldn't they be the first,
To openly and publicly confess...
They participated in creating,
The hatred and division...
That had initiated the mess.
Ending the myth.
To permit unity an existence,
Seen to believe and felt to feel.

'Truth and the reality of it,
Would then have to be revealed.
I'll stay with the myth.
At least my pretensions will remain,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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