Is What You Do Done To Impress?

Do what you like.
Do it with devotion.
Perfecting what is done...
With heartfelt emotion.
Unknown to anyone.
Keep focused and honest.
Maintain your integrity.
Defend your creation with dignity.
Never become offended,
By lack of compliment!
You are doing what it is you like.
Whether or not your good deeds are accepted...
Why should you care...?

Who ties your shoes?
Or brushes your teeth?
Who has to get from point A to B?
Whether openly or discreet!

Is what you do done to impress?
Address who it is that you are?
And this is shown to whomever you meet!

You can confuse this if you wish.
You will not be alone!

And if you do what you like,
Since that is who you are.
And all your life this has been expressed.
Regardless of who or what brought you times of unhappiness.
Establish who you are.
It is a priceless feeling...
To know oneself.
And not to be compromised with that to comprehend.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

'It is a priceless feeling... To know oneself.' Superb poem... Colin J...10
excellent lawrence a very good point