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Is Your Love True
KC (July 12th 1989 / )

Is Your Love True

You really are my everything,
I know that is hard for you to believe
You hurt me so bad,
Yet you were the first to deceive.

You said you were ending us
After all we had been through how could you let go?
You said I hurt you badly
Yet you were the first to cheat… now I know

You said that I made your heart smaller
That made me feel as if I wrecked everything me and you had
Yet you were the one that played me first
So tell me why I feel so bad

Now all of that is over
All of are fighting is through
You mean so much to me
If you would have left me I don’t know what I would do.

We have grown closer then ever
With out you my life would be frantic and crazy
I love you so much
What would I do without my baby?

I have given you everything
Do you know how much we share?
I love you so much
So tell me what I would do if you didn’t really care?

You tell me you care for me a great deal
I hope you love me as much as you say
I know I say this a lot, but I really do love you
I want to spend my life with you, each and every day.

So I need to know here and now
Is our love really true?
Because if your not the one for me,
Tell me now and we’ll be through.

I’m not saying that would be easy for me,
But it would be easier to find out now rather then the end
I love you so much,
So tell me is your love true, or pretend.

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