Is Your Smile Innocent?

Smile can say something
It's saying mysterious way
Not all of It's understood
But only with the spiritual tone.

Smile can say all your ways
Whether you do wrong or right
And that smile is your...
deep heart inner plan.

You think like that...
But now It's the false thinking
That; who can say your inner tone
Is your smile innocent?

If you really, think like that
I want to say It again
That's wrong with you
Again you are in a false thinking.

World and you're smiling happy
That you're trying happy with me
But I can catch your inner tone
Still you 're on that old tone.

I now read your mind
Because I'm in my Lord's hand
So I can see your inner tone
Even you smiling I catch'r darkened heart.

Will you please stay back to'r old blessings
You can smile but not worthy wish
You want to change a lot
Then I can say your smile is from thy gift...

by Manju Mariam Behanan

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