Many Girls

Deaths unnecessary]
Caused to so many
For us to worry
And feel sorry

Death is a real destiny
But not caused by natural calamity
It is due to our greed and lust
As loss of confidence and trust

To have daughter is not curse
But we have made it of course
We demand lots of things in marriage
Bring her in family for use as carriage

Many families still believe
With adoption of old customs and believe
The dowry system is in order
And seek lucrative offer

Many girls commit suicide
So far, many might have died
Either by hanging
Or by burning

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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Yes, poet true written, I love it on islam, thank you
A great write on Islam and its some affairs, love it very much, sir. Thank you
Great poem on great term, truly penned, I thank you poet, love it
Excellent, truly written, thank you poet
for this poem i have only love, love and love
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