Islamic Perspectives On Haloween

We don’t believe in ghosts,
And we don’t believe in ghouls,
We don’t believe in vampires,
And by costumes we’re not fooled.

We believe in our Creator,
We believe in the unseen,
So please understand,
We don’t practise Halloween!

Because Halloween,
Is not really our thing,
We hope you have fun,
But our bell, please do not ring!

For we are Muslim,
And though we like a joke,
Halloween is not for us,
We’re simple, peaceful folk.

We hope you have fun,
And don’t wish to offend,
We don’t celebrate,
But our smiles we do send!

We love to eat candy,
And we love to laugh and play,
But if you’re trick or treating,
Come back another day!

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (2)

I really enjoyed this, it gave me a little chuckle. Very nice way of portraying ones beliefs.
A gentle message, with a chuckle. I liked this very much. Incidentally, you don't have to be Muslim to turn off the porch-light. I long ago grew tired of giving children things that are bad for their teeth! Fine write, Aisha. - Will