Islamic State

If human law does not catch up with them to Karma for their horrible crimes they will pay
The leaders in crimes against humanity in the Human World of today
What they have set out to achieve they will never win
Islamic State the twenty first century's Worlds worst criminals will fall from within
Their own people will eventually turn against them this is always the case
To humanity the feared and loathed Islamic State by many have become a disgrace
If human law does not catch up with them Karma will in time
One way or other they will pay for their every horrible crime
What they have done unto others will become their own due
Since what goes around comes around does remain ever true
The clock on Islamic State it is ticking fast
Eventually they will pay for their crimes of the past
The reign of terror of Islamic State will come to an end
History does tell us on this that we can depend.

by Francis Duggan

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