Poem By Rudy Francisco

On June 17 2013 Dylann Roof walked into a midweek Bible study, he sat and prayed with the church members before pulling out his gun killing most and allowing one to live, after the incident he was found and arrested, peacefully.
When Dylann Roof killed nine innocent Black People, we did not questioned his God, he wore flags of apartheid Africa, we did not questioned his allegiance, he committed the crime alone, we did not questioned his people.
When Adam Lanza shot a classroom full of first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary, we did not ask him to leave the country.
When Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in Oklahoma, we did not called this a crime against every American. When the KKK killed thousands of Black People while swank to hold Christian morality, we did not asked them to remove their robed, we do not call all Christians bigots.
Do you see it? How we don't label all white men based on the sins of the few?
Do you see it? How we don't have to condemn a whole class of people based on the actions of the some.
Do you see it? How all the names are different, all the faces are different, how all the people are different, therefore we should not condemn all the Muslims for the radicalism of the group.
If you want to persecute ISIS go ahead, but to persecute ISIS is to persecute those who gave them power, to persecute those who gave them power is to prosecute the US Government.
Do your research, Islam is not synonymous with terror, its literally submission, it is devotion, it is peace and terrorism actually is forbidden and Jihad does not mean Holy war, it means struggle, it means survival, it means standing face-to-face with everything that wants to put you on the ground and choosing to be alive.
Do your research, stop listening to CNN, stop sharing humanity for hypocrisy, stop staring at Muslims at the airport, stop letting your fear drive your ignorance, stop supporting Billionaire Republicans who wants to scare you to murder innocents and stop supporting leaders who speak peace in native tongue.
Its not the burning down the mosque, burn down the walls around the post muscles in your chest, and realize that we all have one and lastly as a customary greeting goes.
As'salaamualaikum - Peace be upon you
Waliakum As'salaam ‘ - and upon you be peace
Do you see it?

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