I am an island,
Surrounded by sea.
Locked by my own destiny.

The sea teases my shores,
It talks to me about the Moors.

It gives me a taste of freedom,
And helps release my endless boredom.

It speaks to me, of places to see.
Of far away lands, where the people are free.

It brings me news, of outside events,
Of foreign spices, of caravans and tents.

It speaks to me, of hidden shores,
Filled with new things, not yet explored.

It teaches me to look up high,
It asks me, “See the sun, wind and sky? ”

It tells me to look and observe,
“Can you see the way the birds swerve? ”

It tells me of the creatures, that live deep within,
That hide and burrow, with or without fin.

It tells me all these things, and yet I cannot touch,
I can only wait, Oh, I wait so much.

To hear it bring its news, and hear its stories,
Of men brave and bold, and some of their glories.

But the water needs me, it needs me to play with,
For without me, it would have no one to share with.

And so I realize, I’m not so alone,
Not isolated, nor should I moan.

Because we need, each other, you see,
We’re all part of a puzzle, the sea, sky and me.

A puzzle so grand, an amazing quilt,
Created by One, whose power doesn’t wilt.

The Hand that made this, has it all planned,
And so I need not try to expand.

I will be satisfied with what is mine,
The ability to listen, and plenty of time.

by Aisha Sherazi

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