(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

Island Blue

A placid stream flows through my thought
As a cool round liquid drop
Falling, but never to a stop.
A blue radiance cool around my mind
Brings a vision of an island of some kind

I see it from afar as I hover oceans deep
Waters beneath me rushing by
Dark lines blur and then not –
Sometimes a glimpse I fleetingly see

I move toward that dark shape ahead
As clouds dark cast shadows over these oceans deep
Cool air flings against my body
I speed up ahead between the gray and the murk blue

Lanky palms emerge from what I see
Nearing the isle casting dusk they lean
They flow forth into forest opulence
And showers from above sharing moist with glee
An island soaked with waters, shadows,
It’s free…


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