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The dark eagles, sleep and death,
Rustle all night around my head:
The golden statue of man
Is swallowed by the icy comber
Of eternity. On the frightening reef
The purple remains go to pieces,
And the dark voice mourns
Over the sea.
Sister in my wild despair
Look, a precarious skiff is sinking
Under the stars,
The face of night whose voice is fading.

by Georg Trakl

Comments (3)

Depression - life at its very low ebb is well depicted in the poem. An insightful piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned from heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing Isabelle. Please read my poem THE OBSESSIVE AGONY OF LUST.
I liked this poem, thank you for sharing it with us
And your stuck here in your own little island of pain wishing, just praying for that one person, any person, to come take you off of this wretched island, or at least join you so you don't feel alone these lines express hope.. all that is not so depressive....... there is also sunlight after a dark night. be positive and spread positive vision through your poems. thank you for this very nice poem. tony