Island Of Paradise

Paradise in the middle
of a deep blue ocean
Bordered by beautiful
golden sandy beaches

by Hemakumar Nanayakkara Click to read full poem

Comments (21)

This is a great tribute to our mother lanka. Nicely penned.Well done. With Metta, Kolitha
Oh my Gawd, I want to go there. That was a beautiful picture you created in my mind. Thankyou
as one who read a bit of srilankan writers, i see the island island coming alive to me...
Such a beautiful description of a paradise remaining today on earth. Paradise, worldwide, was the Creator's original plan, temporarily interrupted, soon to be fulfilled. Beautifully described, thank you. Jeannie
beautiful imagery you painted a stunning scene...your words sat in the sun and turned match this amazing piece. *10* best wishes Jon
Wow! what an island you have...a great imagery in your poem..I enjoyed reading it... Cate
yes...that is the emerald isles...your mother land! i fully agree with you, hemakumar! congrats...
Hemakumar - your imagery was positively lovely.....makes me want to be there NOW! Thanks for sharing!
awsome, perfect 10 for this, this is a wonderful poem, one could visualise the beauty of island in this
This is quite lovely Hemakumar. I assume it's a description of your beloved Sri Lanka. What other place on this earth has quite the depth of exotic, lush color and brilliant skies. A thoroughly appealing poem, straight from the heart. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
H.N, Remarkable poems. I think, this is the latent nostalgia for you and for the reader of inspiration... Kindest regards, Tsira
Lovely imagery and and wonderful words expressed here Hemarkumar, you have captured the whole scene beautifully. Well done. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Definitely a description of shi lanka and not switzerland. i understand that it is a bit of an island paradise and this beauty is well captured in a natural flowing style. keep writing
Nature's beauty seen through your words..... splendid.
A precious gemstone come alive on the face of our wonderful world, blinking in so many various colours, as likewise is this simply fantastic poem itself, which describes this island jewel so brilliantly.
wow, beautiful imagery in this one. Damn i was just in the bahama's too, your making me want to go back! I really liked your description of the different types of flowers.....sure as hell beats upstate NY
Brings back memories from long ago when I was ayoung man and visited ceylon
Very pleasureable trip filled with food for all the senses. Nice the way you start at the seashore and then gradually work up into the heights and distances eventually out into the forever.
I had the feeling being in that place you discribe. It Must be the paradise from my heart
thanks for letting our eyes visualise the paradise with the beauty of words...