I Have Someting For You

Poem By ahmed kakembo

It was misty and white that Christmas morning,
As we started our climb through the forest,
The dripping green moss scented pines pervading,
Our deepest senses as we walked.

Then through the white of secret mist,
Came the ray of sunshine,
Up the valley rolled as soft as cotton,
The clouds on this Christmas morn so fine,

When our senses were adjusted,
To this panoramic view,
The mountains had become just Islands,
Against the etheral blue.

Comments about I Have Someting For You

This is such a wonderful descriptive write Anthony...draws the reader into thescene with you, , , ,10+++
A wonderful picturesque view created by these lines..A real pleasure to read and imagine.Thank you.10++ A.
Sharp imagery paints a great scenery, nice work
Very Lovely, picturing the view....10

5 out of 5
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