AK (26 July 1985 / Mumbai)

Isn'T Money Funny?

Money, money, money
Isn’t it funny?
Some crave for a penny
Some own crores many

When I was younger
I would believe indeed
That money is not all
That we need

But we grow up
And so we learn
That we earn to live
And live to earn

Food, clothing and shelter
Is not everything we require
These things even
A beggar does acquire

I thought all we need
Is love and friends
And our search
For happiness there ends

But in this world
Nothing comes for free
To win these too
Money holds the key

Money the only god,
Earning the only prayer
Spending the only religion,
It’s the only thing we care.

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Comments (3)

Good job! ''We need to take money as a joke, And not take it seriously. Or else it will kill us mentally and physically.''
hahah! ! ! someone's speaking the truth...yes money is funny... Preets
you are right there akash, money is everything in the present day,10 for the effort