Isn'T Simplicity Easy

If my words are read for content,
Why do some believe...
Other interpretations are meant?
As if there is something to define,
Between the lines.
As if there are clues,
Deep hidden in secret...
AND up my sleeve!

If my words are meant for content,
Why do some miss the obvious?

'Come on children.
Today we are taking a field trip.
Hold my hand! '

Why isn't simplicity easy for some to see?
And if I chose to write something abstract,
And detached from most lives...
I would receive standing ovations,
For the innovation of it all!

'And over there,
We see an interracial couple...
Doing 'interracial' things,

And over there...
We see some people closer to their pet animals,
Than to their own children, family and friends.

And way over there...
Can most of you see those folks being respectful?
That's how all of this should be done!
Any questions before we go back to take the quiz?
I am glad this has been worth time spent! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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