Isn'T That One Time Sufficient?

People do not express enough concern...
They 'say' they have for others.
Not directly.
Not to the ones they claim those feelings are aimed.
Nor in the way perceived,
By those believed to be on the receiving end.

They hear about it when it is discussed,
Through gossip.
As most 'important' issues affecting people's lives,
Are learned with embellished innuendos.
Through gossip!
It is part of the territory referred to as 'existence'.
To escape from it is to die!
Try it.
Even 'then' people victimize.

People love to complicate their daily lives,
With assumptions, reactions and apologies.

I am guilty myself for having high expectations.
Expecting others to detect my eye contact,
As an expression of my deep felt concern.
With a meaning extended that 'should' be comprehended.
You know...
If I said hello that automatically connects,
To something warm and fuzzy concealed...
Within the best of my hidden intentions.
To show that complicates emotions.
And 'emoting' is one of my least favorite things to do!

Or if I should nod in their direction,
When crossing the street without speaking...
I hope my need to have a full conversation,
Is the first thing that is noticed...
By the way I acknowlege their presence in public.
My nods given are better than other nods I've witnessed.
Although a close body hug is what I would rather do!
But time and the setting does not permit it!
And I've already expressed my feelings about emoting.

I'm sure all of my motivations are correctly understood.
And my intentions need not to be verbalized all the time.
Isn't once enough?
Isn't that one time in meaningful exchange sufficient?

I mean,
If it's not just let me know!
I ain't got no problem with it!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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