Isn'T The Change Already Evident?

The more expense of persuasion spent,
And the actual acts of facts put into place...
To chase away doubt and those paying,
With debates displayed and tossed about...
To convince there is some sense being made,
Has been less cost effective to change perspectives...
Of those standards valued and the quality of one's life,
Has slowed that slide downhill at a speed everyone observes...
Is increasing in momentum and not turniing around.
Regardless who has the experience in business.
Or who advises a community a unified effort is better served,
If all participated in change!

Isn't that change already evident everyone is participating in?
And who has not felt the wind while going down on that slide?
Even those still in deep sleep are finding it hard to catch their breath.
And no one expects gold trinkets under their feet,
Everywhere they step.
Not in their best kept delusions.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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