'' Isn't There ''

Suddenly I feel lazy,
Everything's gone hazy,
It all feels crazy,
As they stare.

They're looking at me,
What is it they see,
At last he's free,

A much better place,
Is what he'll face,
But we can't replace,
What's there.

It makes no sense,
Are they all dense,
They're talking past tense,
I declare.

What did he leave?
Nobody will thieve,
Give us time to grieve,
Show we care.

Use some brawn,
When all are gone,
What we've withdrawn,
We'll share.

He was worth a lot,
Oh no I'm not,
I've spent all I've got,
With a flair.

Now I'm dead,
My will was read,
We've been misled,
Say a prayer.

That lavish wake,
For the filthy snake,
What a mistake,
It's despair.

They don't understand,
That What they demand,
My two million grand?

‘' Isn't There ‘'

by Bri Mar

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Bri, such an interesting write👍👍👍